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Virtual After School Enrichment begins September 8!

By August 20, 2020March 29th, 2023No Comments

Is your child passionate about programming, theater, science, or role-playing games? Are they curious about culinary arts, robotics, or photoshop? Acera’s suite of substantive, hands-on virtual after school enrichment programs starts September 8.

Classes include perennial favorites like Science Investigators and Live Action Role Play, as well as brand new classes such as Intro to LEGO robotics, Mechanical Creatures, and Elements of Art. Classes run from 3:30 to 5:30pm for kids ages 5 and up. 

A full list of classes and registration forms are online at

“Our virtual programs are designed to be hands-on and fun, tapping into a child’s innate creativity and curiosity,” said school director and founder Courtney Dickinson of Winchester. “After School enrichment classes are a great opportunity to expose children to more science and technology; they might even uncover a passion they didn’t know they had.”

In addition to its core day school and daily after-school enrichment programs, Acera offers a new remote-only education option for students in grades 4-10. Separate from Acera’s day program, Pop Up School is open to all kids; the standard Acera admissions process does not apply. 

Acera: The Massachusetts School of Science, Creativity, and Leadership, is a Winchester-based non-profit STEAM school serving high-ability students in grades K-9. Founded in 2010, Acera engages students in individualized, inquiry-based learning that is designed around their passions and aligned with their own abilities. The school’s approach encourages children to think in broad new ways about the challenges they see and apply core capacities – such as systems thinking and perspective taking – to real-world problems.