Enrichment Programs


We offer open enrollment enrichment programs for children ages 5-14 throughout the year in an exciting, hands-on learning environment, including After School Enrichment Classes, February and April Vacation Camps, and Summer Camps. Students discover engineering, biotechnology, math, arts, theater, design, electronics, music, chemistry, physics, teamwork, friendships — and who they are as individuals, learners, and collaborators. 

Browse our award-winning classes and camps by age in the calendar below, or visit our After School, Vacation, and Summer Camps page.

At Acera, teachers excel at weaving science, creativity and making into our Enrichment Programs. Our staff consists of professionals with significant experience in the classroom and in their own fields of expertise. Among them are award winners, active research scientists, and working artists.

Here, children nurture their natural desire to inquire, create, innovate and experiment – drawing out kids’ leadership and self-esteem through STEM skill building, artistic expression, and project-based learning.

After School Enrichment Programs

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Vacation Camps

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Summer Camps

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From Our Team

Acera’s Enrichment Programs are designed to be hands-on and fun, tapping into a child's innate creativity and curiosity. These classes and camps are a great opportunity to expose children to more science, technology and art. They might even uncover a passion they didn't know they had!

COURTNEY DICKINSONAcera School Founder & Director