Careers at Acera

Acera is growing!

What began with a small group of students in 2010 has evolved into a thriving K-10 community of nearly 150 students. As our student body grows, we remain committed to offering what makes Acera unique, like student voice and choice, individual learning plans for every child, small math classes that are organized based on ability rather than age, mentor-supported passion projects, and electives in lab science, social science, art, engineering and woodshop.

At Acera, we believe that school should catalyze students’ passions, free their potential, and safeguard their innate curiosity and love of learning. Our faculty are “teacherpreneurs” empowered to engage students deeply in themes and topics that matter to them.

Our current openings are listed below. If you have questions about teaching or other careers with Acera, please reach out to


Education Innovation Program Manager

AceraEI (Acera Education Innovation) is looking for a full time experienced Program Manager to support the work of our Education Innovation program in helping connect rich STEM inquiry based programming with our public school partners in Massachusetts and beyond. This includes but is not limited to designing STEM open-ended creative and hands on curriculum, coaching of teachers to modify their curriculum to make it more hands on and inquiry driven, and facilitating and supporting professional development trainings and meetings for teachers, partner organizations, school leaders, parents, and school staff.

Read the full Education Innovation Program Manager  job description.

Counseling, EF & Literacy


Life Sciences Teacher

Acera is looking for an experienced life sciences teacher or life sciences career changer, part-time or full-time, to design and lead authentic science investigations for our upper school students. Read the full Life Sciences Teacher job description.

Enrichment Programs

Enrichment Teacher

Acera seeks to hire a specialist teacher / artisan who can work as part of our school community, during either “Creativity Stations” on Wednesdays from 10:45am-12:00pm and 1:00-3:00pm, and/or teaching a weekly after school Enrichment class from 3:30-5:30pm on one or more weekdays. Possible areas of specialist expertise include, but are not limited to: outdoor education, visual arts, performing arts, science, sewing & other textile crafts, makerspace & electronics, engineering, woodworking & wood burning. This specialist teacher will create and implement a project-based curriculum for student cohort groups clumped in age ranges of lower elementary, intermediate/upper elementary, or middle/upper school. Read the full Enrichment Teacher Job Description.