Pop Up Extension School for Grades 4-10

Acera’s Pop Up School: 2020-21 School Year  

“Pop Up School has made a huge positive impact on my daughter’s mood and general outlook. The regular schedule, structured interaction and engaging topics have helped her manage anxiety and sadness about the pandemic and lack of ‘regular life’ activities. Pop Up School has helped make our whole family’s life at home more pleasant.”

Enrollment is now open for the 20/21 school year!

Acera’s Pop Up Extension School is a fully remote program open to all students in grades 4-10. Students may register for one or more 4- to 7-week sessions or for the full school year. View full details, sample schedules, and Acera’s approach to learning in the Extension School Overview, the Info Session Presentation Preview, or the video below.

To meet and speak with our Pop-Up School teachers, join one of our Parent Information Sessions on July 13, July 24, August 7, August 14, August 21, August 28, and September 4. Details and Zoom links are posted to our Calendar Page. Parents who wish to schedule a private information session for a group may contact Acera at popup@aceraschool.org.

 Cost: $450 per week

Read about Acera’s Pop Up School in CommonWealth Magazine.

Built around high-engagement ideas, topics which matter to students, and interdisciplinary projects, Acera emphasizes critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, voice, and initiative.  Based on the success of Pop-Up School in Spring 2020, Acera is offering a full year of remote schooling – structured in sessions lasting 4-7 weeks – designed to enable student growth in complex thinking, writing, and initiative in ways that fit each students’ abilities and interests.

In response to Covid-19, Acera School did a 10 hour “flip turn”, converting its day program students to a remote schooling format on March 12, 2020. Since then, we have converted our Enrichment electives 3:30-5:30pm and Summer STEAM Camps to virtual programming. These remote programs have been overwhelmingly successful, resulting in highly engaged and happy kids who are motivated to learn.

Pop Up teachers are experienced educators – some of whom have 10 years of history with our school – embedded within Acera School’s Professional Community. Pop Up is separate from Acera’s Core School program; the mission, values, and pedagogies are shared, but program cohorts are separated to maintain the sense of community, integrity, and quality of both programs. Moreover, Pop Up is entirely remote; some teachers even live out of state! The application requirements for the Core School are not required for Pop Up. If you are interested in the full Core School program (including ability-based math, elective classes, interaction with more teachers, and even greater learning opportunities), please visit our Admissions page or contact admissions@aceraschool.org.

“Our daughter has a renewed sense of purpose and direction since enrolling with the Acera school. Before enrolling, she spent a lot of time reading, which she enjoyed, but we didn’t see a ‘spark’ in her. Since being part of this program, she has clear targets and intellectual challenges she is grappling with.”

Email popup@aceraschool.org to get more info, ask questions and enroll