Pop Up Extension School for Grades 6-10

Pop Up School: April 27 through June 19  

“My daughter is really enjoying her new Acera pop-up school adventure. It’s really perking her up and restoring her motivation. Thanks!” 

Acera’s Pop Up Extension School will engage students grades 6-10 through the rest of the school year — Enroll now!

Join one of our Parent Information Sessions on April 29 @5pm, April 30 @4pm, or May 2 @11am. Details and Zoom links are posted to our Calendar Page.

Built around high-engagement ideas, topics which matter to students, and interdisciplinary projects, Acera emphasizes critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, voice, and initiative.  Responding to parents’ requests, we are launching an extension school for two student cohort groups (grades 6/7 and grades 8/9/10) who will engage around meaningful topics and have a school experience (April 27- June 19) enabling student growth in complex thinking, writing, and initiative in ways that fit each students’ abilities and interests.

Acera School did a 10 hour “flip turn” converting to a remote schooling format on March 12, and has since converted its Enrichment electives 3:30-5:30pm and April vacation week to high-engagement programming. We seek to invent a new model of Pop-Up School which could be adopted broadly by public schools in the future, if COVID necessitates rolling school closings next year. Acera REPS (remote extension pop-up school) intends to invent an answer. Join our pilot extension school this spring, to embrace a new model of education which truly captures students’ curiosity and frees their potential as future innovators and leaders.

“Our daughter seemed to respond really well to today’s interaction and learning.  We know better than to ask a 12 year old too many detailed questions(!), but what she shared was positive and more than anything she went about the rest of her day with an energy and focus that she hasn’t had in a few weeks.  We are so grateful that she has this opportunity, thank you!”  

Enroll here for:
Core Classroom Experience Monday-Friday, 9a-3p — $2800
Program runs April 27- June 19, 2020.

Your child would be part of the core classroom only, with option to add on afternoon enrichment classes (for an additional fee). Please see full details, and class examples in the Acera Pop Up Extension Overview. We’ll be populating our After School Enrichment enrollment form with more spring options for middle school and high school students, with programming slated to start May 4.


Email popup@aceraschool.org to get more info, ask questions and enroll! Check out our overview presentation here: Pop Up Extension School Overview.