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We want to hear from you!

By September 21, 2023No Comments

At Acera, we’re always encouraging students to ask questions. That innate curiosity and wonder is something we want to keep alive. 

In that same spirit, we want you to know that questions are not limited to our students. We welcome any and all questions from the Acera community. Do you have a question about your child’s experience or about how learning happens here? Just ask it!  

If ever you start to worry or wonder, reach out with a question, such as:

How will writing instruction happen this year for my student?  

My child said that something happened on the playground and I am worried. Can you check in on this and give me an update and let me know how to talk about this at home?  

My child isn’t with his friends from last year as they are not in the same core classroom anymore. What are strategies we can use — as a school and as parents – to help with this adjustment?  

A great way to get questions answered is to attend parent education events. Put our next one – Interactive Teacher Panel on November 8 – on your calendar now! To make this annual event effective and informative, we are collecting parent input on the topics you’re most interested in hearing about from the teachers on the panel. Please take a minute to fill out this brief survey – thank you!

With an open heart and generous spirit, please share your worries, ideas and hopes. You can reach out to your child’s core teacher or a counselor (either at morning drop off or via email), to an administrator, or to me at anytime. If you’re not sure who to ask, email and we will direct it to the right staff. 

We care deeply about every child, and work tirelessly to partner with you, Acera parents, to optimize every child’s learning journey, every year!   

All the best, 


Courtney Dickinson is founder and Head of School at Acera.