Recess Recap: Games Group

By March 21, 2024No Comments

There is data to support that the games-focused social groups that Neal and Sigourney have been running this year are a beloved addition and one that ought to continue to be offered, with an exciting addition being piloted this trimester: 

  • Upper School students will have the opportunity to opt into an off-campus athletic game once a week; they will walk to the nearby park or soccer field at 12pm, eat lunch, play a game or two, then return to campus at 1pm for their afternoon classes.
  • For Lower School students, we are going to pilot-test a class-wide social group focused on outdoor games. Two classrooms (yet to be determined) will travel off campus to the nearby park or soccer field to play games and learn social skills from 12:30 to 1:30pm, then return to campus for their afternoon classes.

We are hoping that by traveling off-site to focus on these games and encouraging collaboration and social engagement, our students will feel excited by what they are learning and bring those new skills back to our playground to share with others. 

This mash-up of social group games along with a physical education experience is something we hope to expand to the whole school next year, and this pilot test will give us valuable data to ensure it’s a great experience for all. Being able to offer physical education opportunities has become a clear priority for us through the strategic planning process, and we are very excited to explore this avenue of learning in the days to come!

Please be on the lookout for photos and information to come as we kick off this project!

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