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Parent Engagement Update

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I want to share a few exciting new initiatives we’ve implemented to deepen parent engagement and strengthen our school community.

Friday Coffees: Our Friday morning coffees after drop off have been a hit! At least a dozen parents gather on Friday mornings to get to know each other and school administrators a little better, while also discussing the topic at hand. Ms. Emily’s class joined us one Friday and shared with us what they love about Acera. Two weeks ago, Chuck Lechien joined us to talk about Creativity Sessions and what students have to look forward to in the coming weeks! 

Acera Parent Science Alliance: The Acera Parent Science Alliance is a a group of Acera parents who have deep training and experiences in diverse science fields, who are able to spend time throughout the school year to expand and deepen students and teachers’ knowledge base in ways that keep Acera learning current with how science fields evolve over time. Members of the Alliance are providing expertise on cutting edge STEM topics, collaborating with staff and connecting the school with STEM professionals and organizations. After our first meeting a few weeks ago, members of the Alliance are now connecting with teachers on upcoming science collaborations. 

Acera Parent Science Alliance Members 2024: 

Daniele Lantagne (John – Ms. Renee, Ada – Ms. Emily): Professor at Feinstein International Center, Tufts University and Director, Lancon Environmental, LLC

Lipin Ji (Chloe–Ms. Jen and Ms. Lisa): R&D Chemist III at MAKScientific LLC 

Leah Leier (Ember– Mr. Bob and Ms. Ruma): Senior Software Engineer at General Radar Corp. 

Isaac Slavitt (Noah– Ms. Emily, Ora–Ms.  Jen and Ms. Lisa): Co-founder and Data Scientist at DrivenData

Pengpeng Cao (Paige–Ms. Jen and Ms. Lisa): Senior Scientist II-Preclinical Team Lead at Generate Biomedicines

Peter Dornan (Paige– Ms. Jen and Ms. Lisa): Principal Product Quality Leader at Amgen

Acera Communication Committee: Our newly formed Communication Committee, made up of parents and staff, plays a crucial role in ensuring that we are effective in communicating with families. The committee is working closely with the school to enhance communication channels and give feedback on key documents such as the family handbook and Acera program overview. The Communication Committee is also tasked this year with giving us feedback and suggestions on our website and video content. 

Acera Communication Committee Members: Tien-Yi Lee (Milo– Mr. Bob and Ms. Ruma and Augie–Ms. Vered), Allison Li (Max–Ms. Emily), Yasmin Alonzo (Kit–Ms. Emily and Kat–Mr. Bob and Ms. Ruma), Karen MacArthur (Helen–Ms. Renee and alumni Lillian), Christina Stahlkopf (Emma–Ms. Alyssa and Nicholas–Mr. Bob and Ms. Ruma), Tam Sitkoff (Aaron–Ms. Deborah’s class), Caitlin Walsh (Cam–Ms. Jill  and Elsie–Ms. Emily) and Acera Staff: Kerry Crisley, Trent Ramsey, Sara Honeywell and Courtney Dickinson. 

Search Advisory Committee for Assistant Head of School: A group of parents and staff have been assembled to serve on the Search Advisory Committee for Acera’s Assistant Head of School. Courtney’s email on December 15, 2023 outlined the new teacher leader and staff roles. Members of the Search Advisory Committee are Philip Parsons, Daniele Lantagne, Tami Cronin, Trent Ramsey, Jamie Schefen, Alexis Hibbler, Diane Rosenberg and Dave Grayzel. 

Collaboration is key at Acera, and our work with the Acera Parent Partnership (APP) is no exception. This year, we’ve strengthened our ties through regular contact with the APP Board, fostering open communication and joint initiatives. This ensures:

  • Shared vision: We work together to create a unified experience for students, aligning school goals with parental aspirations.
  • Resource sharing: APP expertise and support add valuable resources to school programs and events.
  • Mutual understanding: Open communication builds trust and paves the way for effective decision-making that benefits the entire school community.

These are just a few of the exciting ways we’re fostering parent engagement at Acera. We invite you to join us in making this year one of the most enriching and fulfilling yet for our students and our entire school community. We encourage you to connect with the APP. Your voice matters, and your involvement makes a difference. Interested in one of these groups or have an idea for one we should establish? Email me at

Trent Ramsey is Acera’s Director of Development and Parent Engagement

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