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Update from Room 8!

By April 3, 2024No Comments
Dear Room 8 Families,
We’ve had a great start to the month analyzing texts and videos to use our critical thinking skills to determine what is fact and what is “realistic fiction.” For each we articulated and shared evidence to support our claims. We also noted that use of facts was essential to creating believable fictions. Here they are for your enjoyment. 
April is also National Poetry month so poetry will be even more central to our class discussions. Some will be linked to our theme “The Ancient World” –e.g.  yesterday’s poems were Ovid’s introduction to April and a silly poem about ancient carvings, today’s was Carl Sandburg’s poem about the Sphinx. Other poems we explore will be unrelated. For example, students will be sharing poetry of their choice at morning meeting multiple times over the month of April. More than 2/3 of us were excited to share today and we enjoyed a wide variety of poems. We’ll also look for and analyze poetic language (personification, onomatopoeia, alliteration, rhyme, rhythm, etc.) when it occurs in prose as well as poetry.
Happy April,
Deborah Barolsky