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Update from Ms. Alyssa’s Class!

By March 27, 2024No Comments
We’re wrapping up our exploration of Ancient Greece and Democracy this week with a simulation where students work to rewrite the Constitution! Our setting imagines a future society where a U.S. colony wants to declare independence and set up their own government. Students are stepping into the role of representatives of different provinces of this colony, and are working within constraints to find compromises that address a wide range of concerns of different stakeholders so that they can stay united. You can read the whole background guide here.
This ties together many of the topics we’ve covered in the last two months. Today students presented initial proposals for government systems and we saw three very different visions of a future! You can take a look at what they proposed herehere, and here. These were “rough draft thinking” and students had the opportunity to present them to the class, answer questions, and hear feedback. Tomorrow they will have a chance to revise, expand, and make compromises before presenting them again. Once a framework is established they will iron out details like elections and consider whether or not they should add a Bill of Rights.
Some of the questions that came up today included:
  • How can you protect minority voices in a democracy? Should you? 
  • Should we tax citizens to ensure that everyone has access to the resources they would need to meaningfully participate in a democratic government? 
  • Is it better to have a government system where change happens slowly or quickly? 
Students have lots of opinions about our simulation and the questions we’ve been talking about – I encourage you to ask them about their character and proposal to find out more!
Finally, Adrienne already sent out an email earlier, but just another reminder that the kids are going to the pottery studio on Thursday to glaze the objects they made. If it is possible for you to pick your child up from the studio at 2:30 that greatly simplifies logistics and is highly preferable – please let Adrienne know if you’re able to do that! She is also still looking for drivers to bring kids to the studio at 1:15.
I can’t wait to see what these kids come up with – I’ll be sure to send out their final government system!