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Student Directed Learning: National Candy Corn Day

By October 31, 2023No Comments

A few weeks ago, while independently reading, a group of students approached me. They shared an infographic about different types of candy and the fact that National Candy Corn day in on October 30th. These students added the event to our calendar and asked if we could find a way to celebrate this event in class, and thus the first annual National Candy Corn Day in Room 5 Celebration was born!

To kick off our day, we started by watching a video about the history of candy corn and how the treats are made. From there, we designed a science experiment to explore how different liquids dissolve the candy corn and at what rates. Students created our procedure and the constraints of our experiment, all while learning the format of an experiment. We carefully observed our experiment and clearly documented our findings in our lab report.

To wrap up this lesson, we tested different versions of candy corn and graphed our favorites on a bar graph.