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Staff Spotlight: Meet Linwood Harper

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Linwood Harper, Music & Entrepreneurship Specialist Teacher

  • B.M., Music Production and Engineering, Berklee College of Music
  • Activities: Making music and walking my dog.
  • Song: “Daddy” by Jay Z. These song paints a dark yet truthful picture from the perspective of a fatherless son. This resonates with me because it taps into my struggles and traumas growing up without my father.
  • Book: Eleven Rings, by Phil Jackson. It’s an excellent book about leadership and dealing with egos, triumphs and struggles.
  • Film: American Beauty, one of the most honest depictions of suburban America and America as a whole I’ve seen.
  • Accomplishment: Raising three beautiful children that are ready to take on the world and know their worth as humans.
If you could go anywhere for two weeks…

Los Angeles, California. THE FOOD, THE WEATHER, THE LAKERS!

I believe that every child should be engaged from where they are and given frequent affirmation around their interest. 

Linwood Harper’s philosophy is not only a key element of his approach to teaching, it is also a reflection of his own path, during which his uncles were a source of encouragement and engagement to explore his interests.

“My uncles were instrumental in my development,” said Linwood. “They kept me involved and actively engaged me in ways that peaked my curiosity. As I chose a college, I wanted a profession that allowed me to cultivate my intellectual properties as a musician, producer and teaching artist.”

Linwood is Assistant Director of Academic Programming of Berklee College’s City Music, a nonprofit program that provides music education to fourth–12th graders in underserved communities. He has also directed the teen video program at the Cambridge art center, an experience which led to an inspired community video project.

“I had the pleasure of being part of the ‘Finding Our Folk’ tour, which was aimed at reconnecting victims of Hurricane Katrina,” said Linwood. “I am proud to have traveled to Alabama and Texas with a group of students documenting these stories. Not only was this eye opening, but it was rich with cultural context. We interviewed victims as well as activists such as Danny Glover and Fred Hampton Jr.”

At Acera, Linwood is a Specialist Teacher and IMPp mentor in music tech, film editing, and audio engineering. With Linwood, students have the opportunity to work with professional grade equipment that working artists use, building real world skills as they bring their creative visions to life. 

“Acera’s core values of meeting kids where they are resonates with me as a human and teaching artist.”