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Sports at Acera

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At Acera School, we believe in the holistic development of students, and this philosophy extends to our Enrichment Program’s classes and camps. Our goal is to create a balance between academics and sports, fostering an environment where students can thrive and grow in all aspects. 

This year, we’ve made a concerted effort to increase the amount of sports offered to our Enrichment families. And in doing so, we’ve remained true to our STEM foundation, offering a range of activities that not only cater to student interest in physical activity but also stimulate their intellectual curiosity. 

After School Sports and Summer programs are carefully designed to provide a well-rounded experience, offering a diverse roster of activities like STEM Soccer & Basketball, Outdoor Explorers – Hiking Club, Art Creation & Nature Exploration, and more.

Read on to discover what’s new in sports at Acera!

Discover the Science Behind Sports with STEM Sports® Curriculum

We are thrilled to offer STEM Sports® basketball and soccer curricula, where young learners can explore the science, technology, and innovation behind their favorite sports. Our basketball curriculum covers topics like velocity and acceleration, basketball shoe design, tracking with technology, while our soccer curriculum delves into soccer ball design, throw-in science, angles, and goal-line technology. Our hands-on approach to learning immerses students in STEM activities for half of the class, while the other half is spent playing the sport outside, enhancing their game skills and improving their academic performance.

Immerse Yourself in the Wonders of Hiking

Join our Outdoor Explorers – Hiking Club and take in the stunning views of a leafless landscape, breathe in the refreshing air, and relish the unique sounds of the forest. Embark on hikes of varying distances and difficulty levels in local wilderness areas like the Middlesex Fells Reservation and Western Greenway. This experience will serve as a solid foundation for future hikes you may want to embark on solo.

Learn the Basics of Soccer at Teamworks Soccer School

Teamworks Soccer School, offered every Tuesday at the Winchester Community Park Grass Field, is specifically designed for athletes new to the sport of soccer. Led by the Teamworks Soccer Staff, participants will learn basic skills such as dribbling, passing, and shooting through different drills and games. By the end of the program, players will be competing in “small-sided” team games with the skills they’ve acquired.

Master the Strategy of Ultimate Frisbee

Whether you are an Ultimate pro or an aspiring new player, join us as we learn to play this fast-paced team sport. Master the different throws and strategies of the game. Be sure to bring shoes and water as we run and play!

Explore and Preserve the Environment

Join us on a journey to explore the magnificent outdoors, both on and off campus, while gaining knowledge on how to keep the environment safe. We’ll hike and explore at Acera, Davidson Park, and the Fells while learning about Leave No Trace principles that ensure the protection of nature and humans. To put our newfound knowledge into practice, we’ll embark on a full-day hike at one of our stunning New England mountains.

Enjoy a Summer Day of Fun-filled Outdoor Activities

Join us this summer for a day filled with outdoor activities at Leonard Field or Davidson Park! We offer a range of field games, including capture the flag, kickball, freeze tag, and soccer. And don’t worry, in case of inclement weather, we’ll move indoors to Acera and continue the fun with a variety of active games and board games.

Join our Enrichment Advisory Team!

Be a part of our vibrant community! We are seeking forming a team of volunteers for the 24/25 academic year to weigh in on more class options, brainstorm wrap around service for delivering your child to programming in our neighborhood, as well as other community building activities.


Ryan Cutter is Acera’s Enrichment Program Manager.

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