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Room 5 Blog Post About Schools

By October 16, 2023No Comments

During our first unit this year, we learned about schools and why they are important. We read books about school, like The Dot, The Invisible Boy and Off to Class, which is about schools around the world. We also learned to write paragraphs and how to write a blog post, as well as working on our spelling by writing graphemes to match the phonemes. We wrote this blog together as a class to share what we learned about our school and others. We hope you enjoy our blog!

What is a school?

A school is a place to learn. You can do experiments and you can do fun things in schools! School is also a place for children to make friends and play.  In school, you learn core subjects like reading, writing and math, and you learn social-emotional skills. Kids and adults both teach each other and work together. All schools have similarities and differences, but they are all places to learn and grow.

Why are schools important?

Schools are important because you learn core subjects like reading, writing, math and about the natural world around us. Kids can learn new things at school. If it weren’t for schools, not that many people would know anything. But since schools exist, kids learn all different kinds of things and engage to become grown-ups. Schools also teach kids how to be a community and work with other people. People also learn to be respectful to others, have manners and gain other important skills. School is important because you learn and grow!

What makes Acera unique?

Acera is unique in many different ways. We have a woodshop, where you can make really cool projects, like action figures and swords. It also has cooking classes for kids at any age. We have creativity on Wednesdays, where we get to choose from really cool classes, like macrame, engine building, weaving and mathletes. You also don’t have to do the grade of math, reading and writing that fits your age, you can get to go to the level you are at. For example, you might learn long division or you might learn algebra based on what you are ready for in math! You also don’t do math classes in your core class, but get to go to other classes. There is also a lab and other cool equipment for all different kinds of ages, even kindergarten, like 3D printers, laser cutters, and chromebooks. We also have after school classes that have a lot of different choices, like cooking, coding, and FF+F (Forts, Fantasy + Friends). We also have multiple ages in our core classes, which makes our classes different each year. These are some of the things that make Acera unique!