Recess Recaps

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Wondering about what has been happening on our adventure playground recently? Read on to get a glimpse into the imaginative, ever-changing play!

It’s winter – kids are carving snow caves, shaking the icicles out of treehouses, and adapting the badminton rules to include skirting snow piles. If you have heard anything about warriors, clans, or territories lately, it’s probably related to a vast pretend-play game that has been unfolding on the playground amongst the elementary students. A lot of kids have read a series of books called Warriors (by Erin Hunter), and they have adopted the naming model (Shinepelt or Dewclaw, for example), the job hierarchy (deputy, medicine cat, scout) and the idea of territories to protect. Other kids have been maintaining a “lion pride” over the last few years of their time here. 

The counseling team has been very busy over the last few months helping to navigate the myriad of social complexities that come with this type of pretend play, and we have been working with everyone to ensure that a number of norms are consistently upheld. Please check them out here and enjoy the specifics that are referenced; these are all derived from real conversations we have had!

  1. All group activities are inclusive. If someone wants to join a group, they can, without tryouts or demonstrations of strength. 
  2. If someone wants to play in a “club” on Monday, then go play badminton on Tuesday, then return to the group Wednesday, they may, and the fact that they are sampling different activities on the playground does not make them a quitter or traitor.
  3. All areas of the playground are for everyone to enjoy. If you worked hard to create a structure and are worried about its longevity, talk to an adult so we can work out a solution!
  4. We do not allow any weapon use or weapon training -this includes claws. Training for battles makes others uncomfortable (even if it’s all pretend!) and we want everyone to feel safe on our playground.
  5. If you need something, just ask – any of the many adults outside (or inside!) are happy to help at all times. 🙂

Recess Recaps will be a bi-weekly addition to Acera’s blog and curated by the Counseling Team.