Recess Recaps

By February 1, 2024No Comments

As we navigate through the crisp days of winter, the excitement at our Adventure Playground hasn’t cooled down. Despite the frosty air and the occasional snowflakes, students have been wrapping up warmly to dive into the world of imaginative play that awaits them outside.

Students continue to delight in a variety of recess activities: investigating buckets of ice transformed by the cold, shoveling snow, reinforcing shelters above the log pile, engaging in spirited rounds of knockout basketball, and enjoying the lively competition of swing ball. It’s a place where teamwork, creativity, and problem-solving run wild.

Our playground isn’t just a space for play — it’s a canvas for creativity, a gym for problem-solving muscles, and a stage for social learning. The games they invent and immerse themselves in are more than just fun; they’re the building blocks for essential life skills. Among the excitement and joy, sometimes disagreements arise, feelings get bruised, and conflicts need navigating. These moments are just as valuable, for they are opportunities for growth. As a team, we guide our students through these challenges, encouraging them to find peace, mend friendships, and plan for different outcomes next time. 

Finally, cold weather is here! Please be sure to send your student in with a warm coat, hat, and mittens or gloves for recess. Or, send in a coat/fleece/sweatshirt that your student can leave behind at school for the duration of winter. Thank you!

Recess Recaps will be a bi-weekly addition to Acera’s blog and curated by the Counseling Team.