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Our focus on deepening science

By November 30, 2023No Comments

Dear Acera families,

A goal for Acera this school year is to deepen our focus on high quality, authentic sciences learning. 

What are ways we are doing that?  George shared with me a few examples and statistics: 

  • 40% increase in the number of science elective classes offered in the Upper School this year over last year.
  • 44% increase in the number of science elective class enrollments in Trimester 1 + Trimester 2, from 54 students in the 2022-23 school year to 78 students this year. 
  • Embedding a science specialist with a professional science background/training into each lower school classroom to offer science learning experiences which link to classroom themes.
  • As a pilot test this school year, Acera students were given the opportunity to sit for Science AP exams in Spring 2024! We already have 13 registrations for exams in AP Physics 1, AP Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism, and AP Physics C: Mechanics. This is an exciting new way for Acera students to set learning goals and create accountability in a science learning pathway.
  • Re-clarify students’ expectations for enrolling in sciences courses, and give all Upper School students more choices within science and engineering options. Science is required, in spite of the learning block name “elective.” Across their six elective choices, all Upper School students are expected to take two sciences and maths (like neuroscience, atmospheric chemistry, classical physics), two engineering, hands-on and arts, and two social sciences and humanities courses. Read about the new Intro to Science & Creativity elective led by George and Tory.
  • We’ve also added two full-time science teaching staff in the last 12 months, both with a professional science background.  

What is the result of an Acera education through all of middle school? Watch the Acera Alumni Panel video from earlier this month to hear it directly from them!   

I hope that in the coming months you see examples and results of this increased focus within your child’s portfolio, within their narrative progress notes, and also within the types of things they are sharing about their work and projects at school!  

All the best, 


Courtney Dickinson is Acera’s Founder & Head of School.

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