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NEW CAMP! Edible Plants and Biochemistry

By April 25, 2022March 29th, 2023No Comments

Afternoons in Week 6 (July 18-22) for ages 10-14 | Register

Did you know that only 100 out of 50,000 edible plant species are used by most humans? Why do we eat such a limited diversity of Earth’s plants? In this weeklong laboratory-based science module, student investigators will conduct a number of biochemistry experiments to uncover how our bodies use the nutrients in food, and discover why we eat what we eat. We’ll use chemical indicators to test for the presence of key nutrients, examine how yeast microbes metabolize various energy sources, connect our learning to the world of edible plants found in Acera’s backyard garden, and develop our science argumentation skills. Join us for a special week of hands-on science that will change the way you look at food!

Instructor: Ashley Metz, Acera Science & Nature-Based Learning Specialist Teacher