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Enrichment at Home: Snail Mail

By April 13, 2020March 28th, 2023No Comments

We’re all finding new ways to stay in touch with loved ones these days: Zoom and other video conferencing tools are now home to our family game nights, birthday parties, pizza parties, scavenger hunts (i.e. “Find something in your house that’s 100 years old! GO!”) and so much more. But old-fashioned modes of communication remain an important way to connect with family and friends, sometimes just on the other side of town. Sending a letter, photos, or hand-made art to a loved one can convey a thoughtfulness and intentionality that’s missed by some of our more convenient digital options.

Want to turn letter writing into a hands on, open ended craft to do as a family? Collage postcards are simple to make at home with basic craft supplies and packing tape. Use cut or torn magazine images, a glue stick, thick paper, and other optional additions like printed family photos or paint. You may start with blank paper that’s already been cut to size, or create a large piece that will be cut up afterward into postcard sized pieces. Once the collage is done, cover the image-side of the paper with packing tape, slightly overlapping the edges of each piece to protect the masterpiece underneath from the rough-and-tumble mail system. Stick a stamp in a corner on the blank side, leave room for addresses, and you’re ready to go!

Have you written or received any snail mail during extended social distancing? Share photos of your family making, moving, and connecting with Stay well!