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Creativity, Electives and Math, oh my!

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The first two weeks of school see the launch of many facets of Acera’s program!

Creativity Stations:

Wednesdays are for Creativity! At Acera this week, students heard about options for their first set of creativity stations, selected the ones that they are most inspired by, and jumped in!

We work hard to enable kids to get top choices and we regularly shift offerings to optimize for students’ interests and teachers’ ideas. Check out the offerings for the first half of fall in the graphic to the right.

Math Block:

After a robust set of “snapshots” in which students share their thinking and problem solving skills and process – a broad crew of math teachers and administrators meet to assure appropriate placement of kids into math class groupings, based on last year and new information.

Teachers take this visibility into students’ math readiness to revamp courses planned for this school year (as needed) and place students. The result? A series of 18 small-group math classes that are organized by what students are ready to learn, rather than by age or grade.


Upper School students heard elective “pitches” from teachers the first week and started electives right away. As the year unfolds in Trimester 2 and 3 students in Upper School and Lower School Bridge start to participate in more of these offerings as well.  Check out the Trimester 1 Electives offered to Upper and Lower School students.

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