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April Vacation Camps: If your children love that, they may enjoy this!

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April Vacation is around the corner! Acera School offers fun, STEAM-rich day camps for kids ages 4 and up in art, electronics, music, crafting, and more. Based on your children’s interests, there’s an Acera vacation camp for them!


If your children love art and crafts, they may enjoy:

  • Collage and Craft Party: Is there a space in your room that you’d love to fill with colorful art? Do you love finding eye-catching photos and graphics in magazines and putting your own unique stamp on them? Join our Collage and Craft Party and spend a morning or afternoon creating vision boards, cool collages, and art with your friends. Is there a craft you’re already working on at home? Bring it in and be inspired to finish it at Acera!
  • Artistic Expeditions: Take a journey through the world of art that’s right in our backyard! These full day camps offer students guided excursions to an array of museums, from the well-known museums of Boston to the hidden jewels of the city’s suburbs.

If your children love nature, they may enjoy:

  • Outdoor Club: Adventures await in the great outdoors! How can humans survive in the wild? How do naturalists unlock the mysteries of ecosystems, weather, and geology? Campers will play with friends, appreciate the beauty of nature, and develop outdoor expertise. Alternate adventures will be planned in case of rain.
  • Terrarium Making: Bring the outdoors inside with a terrarium, a “fishtank” for the land. Become a backyard naturalist as you collect and learn to care for plants, small animals and fungi from the local environment. 
  • Tiny Horticulture: You won’t look at plants the same way after this miniature gardening workshop. Through building your tiny plant home, you’ll learn about the complexities of soil chemistry, photosynthesis, and plant life cycles.

If your children love video games, they may enjoy:

  • Drawing in Virtual Reality: Imagine you can draw not just on the piece of paper in front of you, but all around you. You can paint a house, and then make it bigger and walk inside to draw a living room, a kitchen, the family dog. It’s called 3D drawing, and made possible by VR technology. Join us during vacation week to try it out: Learn about how Virtual Reality works, and how you can use it to draw and create art in entirely new ways. No prior experience required.
  • Digital Game Design: Have you ever found yourself thinking, “This video game would be so much better if…”? Unlock your creative computer skills in the exciting world of digital game design. Learn the basics of game animation by designing your own game characters. Choose from five different basic game types to customize with your own style, and create your own game in less than three hours!
  • Minecraft Workshop: Whether you’re a seasoned software designer or just love to get lost playing in a virtual world, this Minecraft Workshop is the perfect place to level up your skills. Our Minecraft campers will build extravagant block-worlds, develop new coding skills, and befriend other crafty adventurers.

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