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Acera’s 2023 Annual Fund

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Dear Acera Families,

We hope you will participate in this year’s Annual Fund campaign! It is our most substantial fundraiser each year. The annual fund helps cover costs for essential operating expenses each year, including things like:

  • Professional development for teachers, including opportunities for our teachers to present at conferences
  • Updated and new equipment for our Innovation Lab (a new laser cutter was requested due to a penchant for the five year old one breaking often.)
  • Physical plant upgrades. Right now we are part way into an extensive project to update our lights throughout most of our classrooms. The lights we had outlasted their actual useful lifespan; they were here when we purchased the building in 2013, and after ballast and other repairs, it is time for this warm toned, dimmable light upgrade!
  • Assuring we have the supplies teachers need and request to deepen hands-on sciences learning across our school. Adding a PhD Chemist and Expert Engineering Teacher / educator requires us to follow their lead and recommendations to bring the best learning alive for all students!

Last year’s annual fund was focused on our playground upgrade project. Funds raised paid for a substantial conversion of much of the playground, removing asphalt and replacing it with grass, mulch, and crushed stone. This improved drainage, following engineering plans. Additionally, funds covered supplies needed to add treehouses, nets, and a platform for the obstacle course; due to the fact that these were built by our in-house facilities manager (and, during last school year, with the help of his student team of builders), these funds were very efficiently deployed for maximum impact. We also added-on a space for our smallest learners (which is still accessible by bigger kids), and a willow dome, which is flourishing and will grow into a beautiful part of our playground.

Acera is financially stable. However, like most independent schools, we spend more than what tuition costs to educate every child at Acera. In fact, in most years, about 8% of our total expenses are paid for by fundraising programs. We ask that you prioritize Acera as a non-profit which is at or near the top of your list for donations. We take immense care in the way we invest every dollar to educate students, and to build a school community which will last for years to come. This year, our Annual Fund goal is $150,000.

We are eager for you to contribute your ideas and priorities for our school’s future as part of our strategic planning process this year! We hope that whether your budget enables you to donate an extra $25 or tens of thousands of dollars that you will give what you can. New dollars enable us to constantly re-invest in making our building and our program better every year!

Last spring, 97% of our students stated that they felt curious about what they were learning at school. That is what your donations help us achieve. Curiosity leads to engagement, engagement to growth and building of skills and knowledge. Acera is a place where kids get to galvanize and initiate in ways that fit their interests and their ideas, and become the innovators, scientists and leaders we know that is possible for each of them!

Thank you for being part of our community and for your consideration of a gift to the Annual Fund! To make a donation to the annual fund, drop a check off at the front desk or use our online portal at will be reaching out to schedule time to answer any questions you may have about Acera’s Annual Fund Campaign.

All the best,


Courtney Dickinson is Founder & Head of School at Acera.

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