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Monday, September 18th

In Literacy, we began talking about rules both at home and at school in preparation for making a classroom constitution. Ms Vanessa introduced some mindfulness activities and the children learned some yoga moves.

Tuesday, September 19th

In Literacy, we continued preparing for the writing of our constitution. We built structures using coffee stirrers and clay; the goal was to suspend a cylindrical block above the table’s surface. The children had some inventive solutions!

Wednesday, September 20th

The second week of Creativity morning was quite successful. The children enjoyed building, coding, designing, and making. Mr. Anthony talked with the children about Symbols and worked with them to create their own. He also introduced them to stone stacking.

Thursday, September 21st

We nearly finished up the children’s presentations of their Five Things bags. We continued our constitution by hunting for rule sticky-notes around the room. We enjoyed a number of games in the afternoon, from Chess to Tell-a-Tale, a story-telling game.