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Student Choice at Acera: Electives

By March 28, 2023April 27th, 2023No Comments

What do we mean by “student choice and voice”?

At Acera, it means adapting learning approaches to each student’s abilities, interests, individual learning styles, and specific needs and passions. And it means offering a wide range of project-based STEAM electives so that students can explore new areas of science, engineering, humanities, technology, and art.

Every trimester, teachers “pitch” their ideas for electives to students, who are then encouraged to ask questions like:

  • Is it theoretical or hands-on?
  • What questions will students explore?
  • Will there be a tangible product at the end?

Electives, Creativity Stations, and Inquiry, Maker & Passion Projects are just some of the myriad ways Acera students exercise choice and voice to create a learning pathway that helps them become the best version of themselves.