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How to stay connected during extended social distancing

By March 27, 2020March 29th, 2023No Comments

Kids (and adults!) need to feel connected during this time of extended social distancing. Many of us are mourning the loss of gatherings, concerts, on-site classes, and other events that we love. These feelings are real and valid. At the same time, parents and kids alike have an opportunity to connect – with our family, our friends, and our community – in ways we haven’t before. Here are some ways you and your kids can get started:


  • Create a piece of public art. “Rainbow Hunts,” where people make or draw rainbows and place them outside or in a window where people walking can see them, are popping up around the country. Join in! Use sidewalk chalk to write a greeting for passersby. Paint a rock (maybe add a positive or uplifting word to it) and leave it outside. You’ll be amazed at how good it makes you feel!
  • Share your stories. Stories are our inheritance! Whether it’s over email, phone, live stream, or in person with the people you live with, have kids’ parents, grandparents, or other family members and friends share a story about a time in their lives that was challenging, wonderful, empowering, or silly. You’ll learn even more about the people you love. In the same spirit, share your favorite book recommendations for others to download. Or, build an outdoor library for passerby to borrow from!
  • Practice gratitude. Every day, find someone to thank. The expression should be specific, include how it impacted you, and what it says about the person you are thanking. Your child could thank a teacher by saying or writing something like: “Thank you for taking the time to set up a live stream class. I miss seeing you and my friends, and this made me happy. You are a nice teacher.”

Looking for more ideas to stay engaged, positive, and connected? Acera classroom teacher Kim Machnik has created a video series of Connection Challenges during remote learning. Each weekday, Kim adds a new video and new challenge. Have fun, and stay connected!