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To See Or Not To See

By September 17, 2017No Comments
There were many new experiences this week, as well as learning how to experience familiar things in a new way! The students learned the difference between observation and hypothesis and began practicing their observations skills. They discovered how difficult it actually is to objectively observe without trying to make sense of their information or coming up with hypotheses. It is an important scientific (and life) skill that I’m sure the IEK students will become experts at!

Observation vs. Hypothesis (Part 1)

The students also learned about conflicts in stories. They learned about how they drive the story, and they learned about two types of conflicts in stories: internal and external. We used several stories we’ve already read as mentor texts to identify internal and external conflicts, and then the students went on a scavenger hunt for internal and external conflicts in stories from our library. They were great detectives! The students also brainstormed internal conflicts that they experience and that we share, and were asked to write about it by turning it into a goal.

We discussed the value of breath and movement in our lives and how it helps us on the outside and inside. Luckily, we have a yoga expert (Reva) who can lead us in Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation), a series of yoga movements to help get our day started along with the other warm ups we do each morning.
This week the students were introduced to their Chromebook that they will be using this year! So exciting! They learned about how to care for their Chromebook and how to get to our classroom homepage. Once there, they got onto and worked on their typing skills. Also this week, the students were introduced to Google Classroom and how to complete an assignment. They even got to communicate with Miss Katie while she was stuck at home and made her feel so much better with all the nice things they had to say!
They had their first Creative Process with Mr. Anthony! They got to do a hilarious drawing exercise that gave them the opportunity to practice their drawing while using their creativity and humor! They learned about Matisse and then started a project inspired by the work from Matisse’s later years.

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