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Scientific thinking and creative problem solving in action

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The Pyne Arts first grader wasn’t satisfied with the results of her first experiment.

“I added a big water and a big glue the first time, and I did three small Borax,” she noted, having written her first “recipe” down on her clipboard. “But it was slippery and hard and too bouncy. I realized that I added too much water and I needed a little bit more Borax. So the second time I did a big Borax, three small glues, and three small waters. I like the second slime better than the first slime.”

The hands-on STEAM activity “The Choreography of Matter” was a half-day, whole-school event held at the Pyne Arts K-8 public school in Lowell. As part of AceraEI’s three-year partnership, the school is implementing curriculum (created and pilot tested at Acera’s lab school) that promotes scientific thinking, inquiry, and creative problem solving. Watch as teachers and students alike become scientists and innovators: