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Admissions Open House and Math Festival

By October 12, 2022March 29th, 2023No Comments

Saturday, November 5th | 10:00AM to 12:00PM

5 Lowell Ave, Winchester | Free and open to the public


At our 2022 Admissions Open House, kids entering grades K-12 can explore the unique, STEAM-rich learning community at Acera. Meet teachers and staff, participate in science, engineering and art activities, and take a small-group tour of our school.

The concurrent Math Festival is a morning of math activities (geared to kids in grades 2-5) designed to inspire creative reasoning and collaborative problem-solving. Students choose among several tables offering problem sets, games or puzzles with mathematical themes. They work as long as they wish, while a facilitator provides support and encouragement. Motivation comes from the social interaction, rather than from a prize or grade.

At Acera, there is no limit to what students can learn. Our approach to education includes individual learning plans for every child, small math classes that are organized based on ability rather than age, mentor-supported passion projects, and electives in lab science, social science, art, engineering and woodshop.

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