Acera Core Values We Live By

We challenge ourselves to live and make decisions based upon these core values, which we share as a community of learners.

Respect others. Support others to become the best version of themselves. Use talents to make a positive difference. Love children. See/leverage strength in diverse skills and varied ways of seeing the world. Understand where others are coming from and respect alternative points of view.

Have a humble heart and an open mind. Communicate with truth and compassion. Accept yourself and others. Communicate to share information, not just on a need to know basis. Have awareness about and tolerance of different styles.

Curiosity & Innovation
Discover, innovate & learn with a voracious mind. Maintain a sense of wonder in our world. Enable freedom and joy in learning, with choices, control & sense of purpose in learning. Encourage others to think, engage, and come up with their own ideas. See challenges as opportunities. Uncover possibilities and pilot new approaches with courage. Encourage risk taking. See struggle and failure as part of learning. Iterate.

Be accountable: do what you say you will do, and do the right thing. Make decisions based upon your values. Honor yourself and your own personal potential by challenging yourself to do your best. Use your judgment and do what is right. Develop self-awareness and knowledge of boundaries.

Model our beliefs within our actions. Allow others to take ownership; empower others to become their best selves. Inspire a shared vision about what is possible. Listen to others. Find your inner tenacity; be flexible and resilient. Face difficult situations and make tough decisions with integrity. Earn the trust of others.