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If your kids loved that, then they’ll enjoy this!

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What a wonderful summer! Hundreds of kids came to Acera to make, discover, inquire, write, design, and create. The journeys can continue after school with Acera’s Enrichment Programs. Space is filling up quickly, so register for Trimester 1 today! View the registration form, or check out the full After School schedule.

For 4-8 year olds:

If your kids loved Design and Build a LEGO World, they may enjoy:

3-D Fantastical Mini-Worlds (Tuesdays)

Where would the Loch Ness Monster sleep? What kind of furniture would a troll have? In this hands-on class, kids create three-dimensional sets for animals, goblins, and fairies where fantastical drama unfolds! Miniature in scale, our dioramas will be contained in boxes of different styles and sizes, and will be transformed using a combination of hand-made and pre-made elements including clay, paint, paper, moss, twigs, and much more! In later trimesters, we will focus on a spectrum of hand-made toys, including marble labyrinths, “thaumatrope” animations, and mini-soccer fields. Instructor: Camila Garcia Enriquez, Acera Integrated Arts Specialist

Architectural Designers (Thursdays)

Our youngest builders are challenged to fabricate towering cathedrals, elaborate animal homes, porous hives, and more! Using math, geometry, and teamwork, students will build with a wide array of blocks, characters, and craft materials to make imagined structures a reality. Instructor: Ms. Jen, Acera Core Classroom teacher 

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For 7-10 year olds:

If your kids loved Music Video Workshop and Edible Experiments, they may enjoy:

Theater  (Tuesdays)

Do you love telling a good story? Are you curious to try acting? This class explores the power, creativity, and comedy of words as you uncover the storyteller within! We will learn the basics of acting through fun drama games, improv, and simple scene work to help you feel like a star! This is a class for kids who are ready to have a ton of fun! Instructor: Vanessa Roman, Theater and Social Sciences Teacher

Film Soundtracking (Tuesdays) 

Learn the ins-and-outs of film soundtracking in this inventive class! Strip your favorite Pixar or Disney movie of its original sound effects and music, and add your own score. You’ll work together in a group to record beats. Explore not only digital soundtracking, but also creatively problem solving to create every day sounds. Need the sound of horse trotting? Coconuts clapping will do the trick. Adding rainy backdrop to dialogue? Try rice on a tin baking tray! Instructor: Dylan Foley, Acera songwriting teacher, instrument maker, and tinkerer

Cooking: Art, Science & Culture (Wednesdays)

How does what we eat reflect who we are? Why do some cultures eat with chopsticks, others on banana leaves? Through a tour of food history, geography, and biology, deepen your knowledge and skills in the kitchen! Each class will explore concepts through hands-on cooking classes, ending in taste testing. Instructor: Dylan Foley, Acera songwriting teacher and cooking enthusiast

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For students 10 and up:

If your kids loved Short Story Writing, they may enjoy:

Homework Help (Thursdays)

Homework Help is staffed with High School students from Cambridge School of Weston (CSW), as well as a supervisor and Ms. Vered. The primary purpose is writing coaching and support; however, if your student has homework that they are struggling to keep up with, this is an opportunity to dig in with knowledgeable coaches in a calm environment. Open to Middle School students only. Instructor: Vered Brooks, Acera Core Classroom Teacher

SSAT Prep (Mondays and Wednesdays)

Preparing to take the SSAT test this Fall? Find support, fun, and challenge with Mr. Michael, an experienced tutor. Attend twice a week before the first exam (October 19). Students have the option to continue once weekly (Monday or Wednesday), until November 16, if they plan to retest. (Note: Register for continued tutoring in October) Instructor: Michael Hirsch, Acera Life Sciences Specialist Teacher and Curriculum Creator

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