If they enjoyed that, they’ll love this!

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Summer at Acera is underway! It’s only been a few days, and already we are so impressed with our campers’ enthusiasm and creativity. We hope that kids have been coming home filled with tales of wilderness adventures, twisting plot lines, fanciful art and new skills learned.

Is your child eager to try a new Acera camp? Check out the offerings later this summer that still have spaces available.

If your 5-8 year old enjoyed in Week 1: Clay Creations, Forts, Fantasy & Friends, Junior Engineering Design Challenges, or Junior Role Playing Games…

They will love: 

Costume Creations (Week 3 & Week 8)

Backyard Art Lab (Week 4)

Advanced Block Building (Week 6)

Backyard Ninjas (Week 7)




If your 7-11 year old enjoyed in Week 1: Build Your Own Guitar, Can You Dig It, Hand Sewing, or Wilderness Survival…

They will love:

Musical Instrument Lab (Week 4)

School of Rock (Week 4)

Nature-Based Art (Week 5)

Backyard Biology (Week 9)

Fuzzy Smart Friends (Week 9)



If your 10-14 year old enjoyed in Week 1: LARP Foundations, Write a Novella, or Jewelry and Clay Designs…

A student in Week One’s Jewelry & Clay Designs shows off her eyeball barrette

They will love:

Hot of the Presses: ‘Zines & More (Week 4 & Week 8)

Giant Sculpture (Week 7 & Week 11)

Monument Makers (Week 9)

Fantastical Humans (Week 10)


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