What a wonderful time at our IMPposium last week!
Students delved into complex subjects, such as quantum mechanics, the stock market, and habitable exoplanets. They engineered weather stations, ultrasonic speakers, piano playing robots, and pneumatic cannons. They created works of art, such as an intricate table top game board, a parody of Hamilton that matches the original’s syllable structure line by line, and original music. It was a joyful evening of discovery and a celebration of their hard work.
A hallmark of Acera’s Upper School program, Inquiry, Maker & Passion (IMP) Projects are critical drivers of intrinsic motivation.
Every week, students have blocks of time to design, create, problem solve, and iterate on a project of their choosing, while concurrently learning project management skills. And twice a year, Acera students showcase their Inquiry, Maker and Passion Projects at the school’s IMPposium. These are exciting and engaging events for the whole Acera community!