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The first week here in Lower Elementary at Acera has been exciting and productive. The children are settling in and have been enjoying learning, creating, and laughing with their new friends. Please enjoy the pictures below!

Tuesday, September 5th
We explored Pattern Blocks and studied pictures of insects with hand lenses and then drew them.

Wednesday, September 6th
We explored different construction materials (Keva Planks, Magna Tiles, Magna Sticks, and Big Blocks). We also had a chance to create some self-portraits with Mr. Anthony. He also worked with us to create a ‘Welcome Home’ banner for our room.

Thursday, September 7th
We explored patterns using unifix cubes, letters, words, sounds, and shapes with Ms. Vanessa during our Math time. We also began delving into our theme: Home. We discussed what we have in our own room and created a list. We also drew a picture of our room incorporating items and arrangements from our list.

Friday, September 8th
We continued creating patterns with Ms. Vanessa. We used Pattern Blocks to make 3-dimensional patterns as well as ones that incorporated more than one trait – number of sides, color, number in stack, etc. In the afternoon Esteé and Alisha from SEEDS joined us and showed us how to make LED ‘fireflies’ and how to fold and pierce cardboard to make a box that lets light through. When our boxes were assembled, we turned out the lights and arranged them as a group to created a light sculpture.