Explore Acera

There are many ways to explore our school:n You can watch students as they explain how they learn at Acera in the videos above (2018 edition) and below (2017 edition).

You can take the very first 360 video tour of Acera, produced by two Middle School students as an IMP (Inquiry, Making, Passion) project in spring 2017 (below).

You can watch how students reflect on their time at Acera in this graduation speech by Theo Hall…

… or this graduation speech from Mayahuel Morse.

You can see how we encourage students to use the Design Process to become confident problem solvers in the PBS Design Squad video below.

On this website, you can also explore how we learn at Acera, how to apply to our school or enroll in enrichment programs, how you can become part of our network of innovators in education, and how we can partner to bring teacher training or STEM engagement sessions to your community. Or you can just browse a gallery of recent projects and initiatives to look around.

You can also visit our school for one of our public events or information sessions.

At Acera, students, teachers, parents and community partners work together to create learning experiences that support and develop strong individuals, citizens, leaders and innovators — at our school, and in the communities surrounding us. Thank you for joining us.