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Registration for Acera’s 2020-21 Remote After School Enrichment Programs is now open!

Our fully remote programs are open to all kids ages 5 and older. We offer experiments for curious scientists, skill building for programmers and artists, and rich discussions for rising philosophers, all taught by specialist educators with passion and field-based expertise. Watch our video with Enrichment Director Faith Blake, and School Director Courtney Dickinson, describe Acera’s approach to remote enrichment. 

All of Acera’s Remote After School programs meet once per week from 3:30-5:30pm and are offered on a trimester basis. In the 2020-21 school year, the schedule of trimesters is as follows:

  • Trimester 1: September 8 through December 4
  • Try It Out Week*: October 26-30 (Classes are $10/day!)
  • Trimester 2: December 7 through March 12
  • Trimester 3: March 17 through June 11

*During Try It Out Week, kids can sample Acera’s classes for just $10 per day without committing to a full trimester.


The cost for our afternoon programs is $30 per day; or $270-390 per trimester. Please note: Any changes to your child’s enrollments must be made by September 1, one week before classes start. After that date, we will be unable to issue refunds, but can apply the credit toward other enrichment classes. 

REGISTER for After School Enrichment

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All classes meet from 3:30-5:30pm

Chess Club: Ages 7+
(Tri 2 and 3)
Creating Comics: Ages 8-11 (Tri 3)Junior Role Playing Games: Ages 5-8Elements of Art: Ages 5-8Digital Game Design: Ages 8+
International Dance: Ages 6-9Theater Onstage and Offstage: Ages 7-10Photoshop Pros: Ages 7-10Mechanical Creatures: Ages 7-10
Intro to LEGO Robotics: Ages 7-10 Kitchen Kids: Ages 7-10Creative Computing: Ages 8+Stop Motion Animation: Ages 7-10
Photography Studio: Ages 10-14Chess Club: Ages 7+
(Tuesday in Tri 1 only)
Philosophy Salon: Ages 13+ (Tri 1 and Tri 3 only)Fuzzy Smart Friends: Ages 8-12
LARP Adventure Program (Live Action Role Play): Ages 10+Dungeon & Dragons: Ages 10+Model UN Club: Ages 10+
Jr. Engineering Design Challenges: Ages 5-8Intermediate Woodworking: Ages 10+


Jr. Engineering Design Challenges
Ages 5-8  REGISTER

Young students take on a different building challenges each day – using blocks, cardboard, popsicle sticks and more – while learning about math, geometry, architectural design, and more.




Fitness at Acera: International Dance
Ages 6-9  REGISTER

Explore the vibrant and diverse languages of dance in this taste tester class! Journey from Bhutanese, Russian, and Latin dance to ballet, hip-hop, modern dance, and more. Learn along the way what dances speak to you most, and how this helps you understand your unique self and what you want to express and share with the world. These classes will include learning brand new choreography, creating your own choreography, exploring improvisational movement, and different dance styles each trimester – repeat students welcome! Instructor: Anastasia Sokolova, Dancer and Mindful Movement Instructor


Intro to LEGO Robotics
Ages 7-10  REGISTER

Designed for those with little or no robotics experience, students will discover what’s possible with the LEGO WeDo Robotics kit. Registration fee includes a WeDo Robotics kit (retail value $210) that is yours to keep! Already have a WeDo kit? Inquire about class discount by emailing Instructor: Samidha Kinikar, Mechanical Engineer and Makerspace Teacher


Chess Club

This is a great (and fun!) class for emerging and intermediate chess players. Learn strategies and habits of mind that apply to chess and beyond. Work with teams to solve chess puzzles, and participate in a low-pressure class tournament, all designed to stoke an enduring love for the game! Instructor: Sam Kitchen, Acera School Counselor 


Live Action Role Play
Ages 10+  REGISTER

Have you ever wanted to seek hordes of treasure, and uncover ancient secrets? Or battle brutal bandits, gruesome goblins, and deadly dragons? Find your way through the dungeon, past the traps and the shadows, and claim the magical artifact? Students will be able to explore our original world of Etheraz with their friends without leaving home!

Our staff will be guiding participants through the process of creating characters for an interactive story. Students will need to flex their critical thinking muscles (and math skills) to get their characters out of sticky situations! Creative writing, arts, and crafts will also be encouraged to help the story along.  Led by LARP Adventure Program‘s Zelmore Heroes Academy


Photography Studio
Ages 10+  REGISTER

Build your photography portfolio as you master the use of Photoshop to enhance your images. A specific camera is not required; students may take pictures with their phone, iPad, etc. All that is needed for this class is a device that runs Photoshop.  Instructor: Jack Blake, Professional Photographer with 40+ years experience





Creating Comics (Trimester 3 only)
Ages 8-11  REGISTER

Have an idea for a comic? We can bring it to life together in our Creating Comics class! If you have never created a comic before, this class can show you how to go from story to storyboard to finished mini-comic. We will learn storyboarding, practice inking techniques, and test out different layout designs, and of course, share out and get feedback on your comic.  Instructor: Helen Shao, Teacher and Curriculum Designer 


Theater: Onstage and Off
Ages 7-10  REGISTER

Hone your performance skills while also exploring backstage elements of theater, such as prop and costume making! Instructor: Vanessa Roman, Theater Teacher




Kitchen Kids 
Ages 7-10  REGISTER

How does what we eat reflect who we are? Why do some cultures eat with chopsticks, others on banana leaves? Through a tour of food history, geography, and biology, deepen your knowledge and skills in the kitchen! Each class will explore concepts through hands-on cooking classes, ending in taste testing. Instructor: Dylan Foley, Acera songwriting teacher and cooking enthusiast


D&D: Dungeons & Dragons Role Play
Ages 10+  REGISTER

Create a character and dive into the fascinating world of Dungeons & Dragons. We’ll work together to solve mysteries, slay horrible beasts, and tell a fantastic story together. Experienced and new players are always welcome, as each story is new and unique, and designed to fit the characters and their players. Instructor, Vered Brooks, Acera middle school teacher



Woodshop: Intermediate Woodworking
Ages 10+  REGISTER

You bring your passion, experience and tools, and we’ll supply the boards, fasteners and glue! Build the small to medium projects you like with remote guidance from an experienced woodworking instructor. Student-driven project examples might include skateboards, cutting boards, boxes, low stools and wooden games. The Instructor is available for live support for design review, project planning and skill demonstrations. You do the work on your home workbench or sturdy work table. Wifi and Zoom video showing your project required for where you will do your woodworking. Some woodworking experience required. Instructor: Josh Briggs, Acera woodshop, engineering and math teacher



Junior Role Playing Games
Ages 5-8  REGISTER

Team up with your friends to create characters, invent stories, and explore new imaginary worlds in this roleplaying club! These D&D-inspired games are adapted for younger players. Instructor: Dylan Foley, Acera songwriting teacher, instrument maker and cooking enthusiast




Photoshop Pros
Ages 7-10  REGISTER

What stories can be told with an altered image? From photojournalism to science, silly animations to graphic design, photo editing is a useful tool across the board. Using GIMP and Photoshop, you’ll learn the basics and have the chance to create the extraordinary! Instructor: Chris Dale, Acera Creativity Morning Teacher


Creative Computing Club

In this class, students will work with a variety of digital tools to both express themselves and develop their computational thinking skills. Emphasis will be on creating easily-shared products and experiences, using tools such as Scratch, Snap, or Trinket. Collaborative work is encouraged! Instructor: Danny Fain, Acera Computer Science and Games Specialist

Minimum equipment requirements:
One of the following devices, with a recently-updated version of Chrome or Firefox web browser:

  • Chromebook
  • Macbook (Mac OS 10.12 or newer)
  • Windows10 computer

Recommended equipment:
Either of the following, with a recent version of Chrome or Firefox web browser:

  • Macbook (Mac OS 10.14 or newer)
  • Windows10 computer

Either of the following hand-held devices, with wifi (mobile call/data not necessary) and built-in gyroscope sensor:

  • Android phone (OS version 8 or newer)
  • iPhone (iOS version 8 or newer)

A phone-based VR headset; some models available for under $25. Acera will provide recommendations, and reimburse up to $25 of the cost of a compatible VR headset.


Philosophy Salon (trimesters 1 and 3 only)
Ages 13+  REGISTER

Develop your rigorous thinking and metacognitive skills in this informal and discussion-based program centered on readings from Plato’s dialogues. Instructor: Yonatan Schreiber, Acera Creativity Morning Teacher



Elements of Art
Ages 5-8  REGISTER

Let’s get creative! In this class, kids will discover the visual science behind the principles and techniques of art. We’ll use silhouettes to learn about positive and negative space, explore illusions of depth through overlapping, work with unusual materials in natures to create mixed media, and discover how to make art out of any object around us! Instructor: Camilla Garcia Enriquez, Acera Visual Arts Teacher


Mechanical Creatures
Ages 7-10  REGISTER

Design machines that run, jump, flex, swim, and much more! We will investigate different physical mechanisms – such as gears and linkages – and explore how they create motion.  As we create machines inspired by the movement of animals, kids will deepen their skills in physical prototyping, CAD (computer aided design), and 3-D printing. Instructor: Tim Bilodeau, Acera Creativity Morning Teacher


Stop Motion Animation Studio
Ages 7-10  REGISTER

Stop motion animation is the filmmaking technique behind favorites such as Wallace and Gromit and The Fantastic Mr. Fox. In this inventive camp, participants will use stop motion animation to create special effects inspired by their own imagination! Instructor: Dylan Foley, Acera songwriting teacher, instrument maker and cooking enthusiast


Fuzzy Smart Friends
Ages 8-12  REGISTER

Create your own stuffed animals and program them to sense and respond to light, motion and sound. We will make 2D drawings 3D characters, add soft circuits, program microcontrollers and add electrical components to make friends from your imagination come to life! Instructor: Adrienne Jacobson, Design and Makerspace Teacher


Model UN Club
Ages 10+  REGISTER
Please note: this class will run from 4:00-6:00pm

Explore the big challenges of our time and open up your mind as an emerging world citizen. Engage in deep discussions about current events. Get exposure to primary sources and formative ideas in the political science, governmental, historical and philosophical landscape. Each trimester, participate in Model UN conferences (costs included in registration fee) in which you take on the perspective and voice of different countries, focusing on current issues. Through this experience, come to understand historical perspectives on the relationships between nations, their different beliefs and viewpoints, and broaden your perspective on the world. Instructor: Vanessa Roman, Acera Pop Up School Teacher



Digital Game Design

Have you ever found yourself thinking, “This video game would be so much better if…”? Unlock your creative computer skills in the exciting world of digital game design. Learn the basics of game animation by designing your own game characters using Scratch. Choose from five different basic game types to customize with your own style, and create your own game! Instructor: Chris Dale, Acera Creativity Morning Teacher