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Enrichment at Home: Make, Move, Connect

By March 30, 2020March 28th, 2023No Comments

In this uncharted territory of extended time at home, families all over are finding creative ways to nurture an “enriching” experience for their children. The stories of kitchen counter science experiments, living room dance parties, and virtual game nights with far-off loved ones are powerful examples of our human ability to turn challenges into opportunities. While we eagerly await the return to Acera’s beloved campus, one way that we want to stay connected as an Acera Enrichment community is through a new blog series called Enrichment at Home: Make, Move, Connect. A few times each week, we’ll share ways that families are bringing the spirit of Acera to their homes, from the tangle of forts on our adventure playground to our bustling Innovation Lab.

We want to hear what your family is doing to Make, Move, and Connect while at home! Email photos to, and share stories on this survey. Check out today’s family spotlights:

Make – Anywhere can be an art studio: messy paints are welcome on the patio (the O’Donnell family), and pancakes can become pictures and messages (Jack in Port Angeles, WA).






Move – The O’Donnells have been taking lots of walks outside, where nature provides a boundless classroom. Laura & Luke from Acera have had spontaneous dance parties, plus they’ve been taking a short walk during the time that they would normally be commuting to school. This helps ease the transition from home to “school at home”. 







Connect – Ms. Amy at Acera built a backyard bonfire so her little ones could toast marshmallows!

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