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What I did on my summer vacation: the teachers’ version!

We love hearing about what students are up to over summer vacation, be it a cool STEM camp, a great trip with family, or time spent at the beach or in a park. And we’re equally interested in… Read More

Registration for After School Enrichment Programs is Open, and Girls Who Code is back!

Are your kids excited to learn? We’re excited to help! Registration for Acera’s 2019-2020 After School Enrichment Programs is open. Our hands-on, STEAM-based after-school enrichment programs are open to all kids ages 4-15. Classes include programming and robotics,… Read More

Courtney Dickinson on what’s possible in education

Courtney Dickinson sits down with Allen Saakyan of Simulation Series to discuss why she founded Acera, her 10 Tools to Transform Schools, and her mission to help build the next generation of scientists, innovators, and leaders.  

Acera students place first in state – and 15th worldwide – in math meet

Students at Acera: The Massachusetts School of Science, Creativity and Leadership in Winchester placed first in the state – and 15th worldwide – in the Middle School 1-400 Division of Purple Comet Math Meet. The spring 2019 event… Read More

Five Ways to Spark Flexible Thinking and Courage in Math Class…and Beyond

By Courtney Dickinson What if math was a place where kids’ problem solving and deep thinking skills could come alive, and a place where they grow in their confidence and adaptability?    Mathematics learning at school can be… Read More

Special Delivery: Science!

KIPP Lynn high school is among the first cohort of teachers to receive Acera’s free life sciences training, curricula and equipment, enabling biology students to edit a gene with CRISPR. This is part of our effort to reinvent… Read More

“Teaching by Tinkering” at Lowell Public Schools

More than 50 teachers across the Lowell Public Schools spent an afternoon with Alisha Collins, Acera’s SEEDS StudioLab Manager, for a lesson in “teaching by tinkering.” The teachers learned how to hack toys — a hands-on, creative, and… Read More

Acera to launch new cohort to reinvent high school biology

Acera’s Education Innovation Initiative is pleased to announce its second Life Sciences Change Agent Teacher (LSCAT) Workshop series! Download the workshop brochure. Acera trained its first cohort of high school biology teachers from across eastern Massachusetts in gene… Read More

Girls Who Code comes to Acera!

Acera School is proud to announce we will host weekly Girls Who Code clubs beginning Tuesday, September 24 from 6:00-7:00pm. One club is for girls in grades 3-5, and the other for girls in grades 6-12. Meetings will… Read More

Join Us For Assessment Day!

Saturday, March 9, 2018 On Saturday, March 9, Acera will hold an Assessment Day. This is an opportunity for parents to find out more about their child’s learning style, and gain knowledge to advocate for their child more… Read More