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Top five free actions to make schools better, and students happier

By Courtney Dickinson Kids often dread their return to school in the fall, and we – as adults – let them. Societally, we have made it a rite of passage to hate school, and we joke with students… Read More

What I did on my summer vacation: the teachers’ version!

We love hearing about what students are up to over summer vacation, be it a cool STEM camp, a great trip with family, or time spent at the beach or in a park. And we’re equally interested in… Read More

Courtney Dickinson on what’s possible in education

Courtney Dickinson sits down with Allen Saakyan of Simulation Series to discuss why she founded Acera, her 10 Tools to Transform Schools, and her mission to help build the next generation of scientists, innovators, and leaders.  

Creating a sense of purpose at school

By Courtney Dickinson I read an insightful piece in the Boston Globe this week on the link between happiness and having a sense of purpose. Simply put, people with a sense of purpose live longer, happier, and more… Read More

Biomes and Butterflies!

How do land and water ecosystems interact? How are their food webs structured? What role does a pollinator play? These are the questions studied by Acera students in Mr. Michael’s “Biomes and Butterflies” elective. The kids created their… Read More

Special Delivery: Science!

KIPP Lynn high school is among the first cohort of teachers to receive Acera’s free life sciences training, curricula and equipment, enabling biology students to edit a gene with CRISPR. This is part of our effort to reinvent… Read More

“Teaching by Tinkering” at Lowell Public Schools

More than 50 teachers across the Lowell Public Schools spent an afternoon with Alisha Collins, Acera’s SEEDS StudioLab Manager, for a lesson in “teaching by tinkering.” The teachers learned how to hack toys — a hands-on, creative, and… Read More

Acera to launch new cohort to reinvent high school biology

Acera’s Education Innovation Initiative is pleased to announce its second Life Sciences Change Agent Teacher (LSCAT) Workshop series! Download the workshop brochure. Acera trained its first cohort of high school biology teachers from across eastern Massachusetts in gene… Read More

Exploring the science of candy!

Watch as students in Ms. Alisha’s “Choreography of Matter” class discover how materials like sugar, cornstarch, and vinegar interact while making hand-pulled “dragon’s beard” candy.

Creative projects and tapping a sense of purpose leads to girls’ engagement in STEM

She rotates the table of projects, rapt. There’s a critter bot creation which moves with its robotics component, a 3D printed structure – customized by a young elementary peer – that lights up and looks magical, and an… Read More