K-9 STEAM School

Middle school students bring a modular classroom to life

“It’s really cool to see this built…and real!” The excitement and pride was palpable as students, teachers, and parents gathered on a sunny morning in June. Behind them, brightly colored ribbons – awaiting the ceremonial cutting – surrounded… Read More

Woodshop Time

Model boats in the making: Upper elementary students cut boards for their model boats in Acera’s woodshop. All classes at our school get to work with craft construction at least once a week, sometimes to work on individual… Read More

Interactive Storytelling

How do you get students who don’t usually self-identify as programmers interested in computer science? Through storytelling! At Acera, our Upper Elementary students have been working with Twine, a free tool for creating interactive fiction. While learning how… Read More


Every week during Creativity Morning, various student groups in Scriptplay work on writing and then producing a play, or several sketches and scenes. Once a semester, in December and June, families come together to enjoy these productions and… Read More

Designing Prosthetic Limbs

Students in Ms. Kim’s class have been working on an engineering design challenge last spring related to their theme for the year, “What Makes us Human?” In teams, they designed prosthetic legs. Watch how they documented their process… Read More

Hands-on Computer Science

Whats inside a computer? As part of our curriculum “Understanding Computers, Understanding Ourselves,” intermediate elementary students get to take apart computers, floppy disks and other common electronic devices that are all around us. By teaching computer science not… Read More

Team building

Can you build a raft on two canoes, and take your teacher on a ride, keeping her dry? Middle School students venture out every fall for an overnight field trip working on design and team challenges that support… Read More

Stop Motions painting

Stop Motion

STEM Science