Innovation in Education

K-9 STEAM School

First cohort of teachers visits Acera to reinvent high school biology!

They came from schools across Greater Boston, from Littleton to Lynn, and from Cambridge to Gloucester. Nearly a dozen high school biology teachers sat in Acera’s life sciences lab for the first of three sessions in gene editing… Read More

A vision for what’s possible in education

These days, schools educate students based upon norms set up for an industrial era, reflecting the goals and societal needs from more than a century ago. What’s needed today is a new generation of educated citizens defined by… Read More

Scenes from Acera’s Fall Innovator Symposium

From nanomaterials and neuroscience to c-acnes and chatbots, science and innovation was on display at Acera’s Fall Innovator Symposium. Take a look at the presenters, the experiments, and the maker stations from this unique and engaging event. Would… Read More

Acera Announces Major Research and Education Partnership

One Brave Idea, an innovative research project funded by Verily, the American Heart Association and Astra Zeneca, partners with the Acera School, connecting education with real-life science and technology. Students sample and sequence their own skin microbiome, hack… Read More

Raising adolescents: Why we need to be better historians of our kid’s successes

In his 40 years helping students and their families navigate the teenage years, Rick Irving has dealt with so many aspects of adolescent behavior: the shoulder shrugs, the one-word answers, the storming out of the room, the topic-shifting… Read More

Lessons in Design Thinking

It is Tuesday afternoon, right after recess – project time in Miss Christine’s MS1 class. Huddled around tables in different corners of the room, students work in groups as small as two and as big as five children…. Read More