K-9 STEAM School

Measuring what matters at school

By Courtney Dickinson What indicates a school’s success? Is it simply a standardized test score, like MCAS?  It isn’t. The decades-long standardized testing movement has failed to close the equity gap in education, which was its entire intent…. Read More

Inside, Outside: Linking in-class content to real world issues and innovations

By Courtney Dickinson @CourtneyofAcera Jake, age 13, sits and experiments with circuitry and Arduino, figuring out how to connect and code in his “Robotic Bling” hands-on elective class. The 10-week course occurs once a week for 2 hours,… Read More

Top five free actions to make schools better, and students happier

By Courtney Dickinson Kids often dread their return to school in the fall, and we – as adults – let them. Societally, we have made it a rite of passage to hate school, and we joke with students… Read More

Courtney Dickinson on what’s possible in education

Courtney Dickinson sits down with Allen Saakyan of Simulation Series to discuss why she founded Acera, her 10 Tools to Transform Schools, and her mission to help build the next generation of scientists, innovators, and leaders.  

Creating a sense of purpose at school

By Courtney Dickinson I read an insightful piece in the Boston Globe this week on the link between happiness and having a sense of purpose. Simply put, people with a sense of purpose live longer, happier, and more… Read More

Five Ways to Spark Flexible Thinking and Courage in Math Class…and Beyond

By Courtney Dickinson What if math was a place where kids’ problem solving and deep thinking skills could come alive, and a place where they grow in their confidence and adaptability?    Mathematics learning at school can be… Read More

Creative projects and tapping a sense of purpose leads to girls’ engagement in STEM

She rotates the table of projects, rapt. There’s a critter bot creation which moves with its robotics component, a 3D printed structure – customized by a young elementary peer – that lights up and looks magical, and an… Read More

Connecting Heart with Imagination and Innovation

By Courtney Dickinson   @CourtneyofAcera Could motivating positive habits and self awareness around pulse rates, exercise, and stress/anxiety prevention help students’ well being and help avoid cardiovascular disease later in life?     Last spring, Acera students created product… Read More

A vision for what’s possible in education

These days, schools educate students based upon norms set up for an industrial era, reflecting the goals and societal needs from more than a century ago. What’s needed today is a new generation of educated citizens defined by… Read More