K-9 STEAM School

Acera receives $50,000 from Bristol-Myers Squibb to reinvent high school biology

Global biopharmaceutical company Bristol-Myers Squibb has invested $50,000 in Acera School’s education innovation initiative. The funding supports Acera’s “Life Sciences Change Agent Teachers” workshop series, which offers free training in innovative STEM curricula to teachers in public schools…. Read More

Nobel Laureate visits Acera

Some students might dread the return to school following the long holiday break. For kids at Acera School, it was different. Students of the K-8 STEM school in Winchester spent the first morning back in the company of… Read More

Creativity on display at Acera’s Museum Walk

Acera’s Museum Walk is an opportunity for kids to share the creative risks they’ve taken. It’s never about perfection; it’s about celebrating the act of trying something new and finding your voice!

First cohort of teachers visits Acera to reinvent high school biology!

They came from schools across Greater Boston, from Littleton to Lynn, and from Cambridge to Gloucester. Nearly a dozen high school biology teachers sat in Acera’s life sciences lab for the first of three sessions in gene editing… Read More

Survivor: The Goldfish Edition

Math comes alive for Acera Students in Mr. Michael’s life sciences lab, where students play a math game to understand sustainability in ecosystems.

Acera students get a glimpse of Antarctica

Anna Ruth Halberstadt, a geoscience Ph.D. candidate from UMass Amherst, recently visited Winchester’s Acera School to share her research in sea level rise and sedimentology, and discuss her upcoming expedition to Antarctica. Halberstadt led the elementary school students… Read More

“Try it Out” Week is back!

Area parents looking for afterschool enrichment programs for their kids can “Try it Out!” at Acera before committing to a full 9-12 week session. From November 26-30, children can sample the K-8 STEAM school’s afternoon activities for just… Read More

A vision for what’s possible in education

These days, schools educate students based upon norms set up for an industrial era, reflecting the goals and societal needs from more than a century ago. What’s needed today is a new generation of educated citizens defined by… Read More

Scenes from Acera’s Fall Innovator Symposium

From nanomaterials and neuroscience to c-acnes and chatbots, science and innovation was on display at Acera’s Fall Innovator Symposium. Take a look at the presenters, the experiments, and the maker stations from this unique and engaging event. Would… Read More

Acera students shine at Model UN Global Leadership Conference

Students enrolled in Acera School’s Model UN Afterschool Enrichment program participated at the Global Leadership Conference on September 30. The event — which was focused on the global health issue of malaria — was held at Suffolk Law… Read More