Our Lead Focus Areas

Whole School Transformation: In a groundbreaking three-year, whole-school approach, AceraEI is partnering with an urban K-8 public school in Lowell, Mass. We are leveraging our STEAM Maker Projects as an entry point to develop teachers as change agents within their school, unlocking students’ creativity, initiative, and scientific thinking skills and introducing a new and innovative teaching practice. Watch a video on AceraEI’s whole-school implementation of its “Choreography of Matter” maker project.

Reinventing Biology: Using a nine-unit biology curriculum.he developed and pilot-tested at Acera’s lab school, AceraEI’s Michael Hirsch leads a series of free teacher training workshops in gene editing with CRISPR, the human microbiome, and agriculture. The units are inquiry-driven lab activities that link to real world innovations, enabling more students to envision a pathway for themselves as scientists and innovators. More than 20 public high schools in Massachusetts – representing 3,000 students – have participated in our Life Sciences series to date.

Redefining the Purpose of School: A school’s success can be measured by more than its standardized test scores. Are students growing in core capacities like creativity and self-initiative? Are teachers using evidence-based practices? Is the school culture positive? These areas, coupled with standards and achievement, are part of AceraEI’s School Success Dashboard. It is customized to measure what each school views as most important, and prepares students and educators to be adaptable leaders and contributors in a changing world.

Join us in catalyzing education innovation!

Curriculum collaborators, institutional partners, prospective funders interested in innovative models for education, researchers who would like to leverage Acera as a lab school for pilot testing, public school districts looking for innovative partners — there are many ways to engage with our school and our mission. We hope you’ll join our expanding network!