Enrichment & After School Programs

Acera After School Enrichment Programs

Our in-person after school programs are open to all kids ages 5 and older. We offer experiments for curious scientists, skill building for programmers and artists, and rich discussions for rising philosophers, all taught by specialist educators with passion and field-based expertise.

All of Acera’s Remote After School programs meet once per week from 3:30-5:30pm and are offered on a trimester basis. In the 2021-22 school year, the schedule of trimesters is as follows:

Trimester 1 – September 8 through November 23

Trimester 2 – November 30 through March 11

Trimester 3 – March 16 through June 10

The cost for our afternoon programs is $40 per day; or $360-$480 per trimester.

Any changes to your child’s enrollments must be made at least one week before classes start. After that date, we will be unable to issue refunds, but can apply the credit toward other enrichment classes. No refund or reduction in fees is possible for a child who arrives late, leaves early, or attends part of a session due to illness (other than hospital stay).

Health and Safety Protocols

We are delighted to return to in person After School Enrichment! Classes are generally capped at 10 students, and incorporate COVID safety measures such as masking, social distancing, hand sanitizing stations, student material stations/kits to minimize surface transmission risk, an upgraded HVAC system for improved airflow & filtration, and use of outdoor spaces.


Winchester parents! Bus transportation is available from Winchester Public Schools. Winchester Public School buses run from Lincoln, Lynch, McCall and Muraco Schools to Acera’s After School programs upon request. Please list Acera as your After School Program bus stop on the transportation application. According to Winchester Public Schools, the deadline for submitting a transportation application for the 2021-22 school year is July 22, 2021.


Health, dismissal, technology rentals and other required forms will be requested electronically after your online registration has been processed. New students will have to provide all forms, returning students will only be asked for updated forms as needed.


Once a session is fully enrolled, students can choose to be waitlisted. You can pick another session at the same time and switch should a slot become available; or just be waitlisted. When we begin a waitlist, we will do our best to find an instructor to increase the class size.

Financial Aid

Limited financial aid is available and awarded based on demonstrated need. Please download the 2021 Reed Hollett Scholarship Application form, or email us at enrichment@aceraschool.org to request an application.

“The Stop Motion class was great and really captured my son’s interest! He has continued making stop motion movies with his LEGOs.”

“My child was deeply engaged and happy in all his classes, but he particularly was excited about Lions, Tigers & Robots. He just loved making things that moved!”

“My child raves about this class. Mr. Yonatan was the best teacher and they loved reading philosophy and talking about ideas.”

“My child loved the cooking class with Mr. Dylan and became quite confident in the kitchen!”

“This was an amazing new learning experience with very engaging instructors!”

“There was lots of character concept discussion, graphic design of characters, and getting ideas from other students’ work.”

“This class was really valuable to keeping my child engaged with group learning and creative thinking.”


  • Forts, Fantasy & Friends, ages 5-8 (Tri2 and Tri3)
  • Chess Club, ages 7-14 (Tri2)
  • Creative Computing & Robotics Club, ages 8-11 (Tri2 and Tri3)
  • Dungeons & Dragons Role Play, ages 10-14 (Tri2 and Tri3)


  • Team Storytelling, ages 5+ (Tri2 and Tri3)
  • Film Making Club, ages 8-11 (Tri2)


  • Live Action Role Play (LARP) Games, ages 5-14 (Tri2 and Tri3)
  • Junior Role Playing Games, ages 5-8 (Tri2 and Tri3)
  • Intro to LEGO Robotics, ages 7-10 (Tri2 and Tri3)
  • Digital Art & Animation, ages 10-17 (Tri2)


  • Live Action Role Play (LARP) Makerspace, ages 5-14 (Tri2 and Tri3)
  • Advanced Block Building, ages 5-8 (Tri2 and Tri3)
  • Studio Art, ages 7-10 (Tri2 and Tri3)
  • Intro to Woodworking, ages 8-11 (Tri2 and Tri3)
  • Debate Club, ages 11-15 (Tri2 and Tri3)


  • Backyard Art Lab, ages 5-8 (Tri2 and Tri3)
  • Social Dance & Recreation, ages 7-10 (Tri2)
  • Stop Motion Animation, ages 7-10 (Tri2 and Tri3)
  • Study Hall, ages 10+ (Tri2 and Tri3)
  • Model UN, ages 10+ (Tri2 and Tri3)
  • Boat Building, ages 11-17 (Tri2 and Tri3)

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